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Butler Bookings is a leading supplier of buff butlers for events all over the United Kingdom. We can accommodate groups of all sizes and all types of venues; anything from apartments and hotel rooms to bars and restaurants.

Upon arrival, our hunky butlers change into a bottom-revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie however they can wear trousers or boxers under the apron if more appropriate for your event.

Last minute bookings can be catered for but we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to prevent disappointment. If you would like a quote then please complete the form on our quote page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


The 4 Familiar Faces of a Hen Party

An inflatable penis flies across the room and smashes straight into Emma’s wine glass causing a mild raucous and inexplicable laughter. Looking around the room, everybody knows who will say what! There will be an earth-shattering howl from ‘The Loud One’, a cheeky smile on the face of 'The Naughty One’, ‘The Shocked One’ will be looking at the spilled wine as if it was the last drop of water on a desert island and the ‘The Right One’ sits there with a facial expression that conveys only one statement: “I told you not to blow that cock up”.

Which girl are you at the hen party?

The Loud One

Everything is funny! No, really, everything! Woo! There is always a loud one at a hen party, she’ll be the one you know is there before you see her and is wholly responsible for the ‘atmosphere’ of excitement. You may find that it’s her who once began a makeshift auction in the street to raise money for taxi fare home. Who once arrived home sans shoes?

The Naughty One

In the eventuality that anything penis-shaped turns up at your party, you can probably blame the naughty one. Naturally if there’s any activity that involves the breaking of laws or the tarnishing of reputations…you can blame the naughty one. If you can’t think who this might be, think back to a time when you did something you’re not proud of and ask yourself who guided you to do it…yes, it’s her.

The Shocked One

OMG! Look at his abs!! We all know that one girl who’s always comically shocked at something. Whether she’s surprised that she drank the full bottle of wine by herself or maybe she was the sole witness to a remarkable moment in history, like when your buff butler reveals he can perform a bicep curl whilst speaking romantically in Italian. The shocked one will always be a bit OMG!

The Right One

There’s always a Mystic Meg. Whilst it doesn’t require a crystal ball to know that seven tequila shots in one sitting is going to produce a future moment of awe and wonder, 'the right one' will always see it coming and will always ensure you’re more than aware that you were told not to…twice.