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What are the Best Cocktails for a Hen Party?

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There are lots of things to plan for a hen party – where to go, if you are having a theme, what to wear.  But there’s one thing that is crucial for a hen party or any good party really – the cocktails.  Having cocktails isn’t just a fun thing to do now, it is a key part of the event.  You can even hire a Buff Butler to make and serve the cocktails for you in ultimate style.  But which cocktails should you make?

Champagne and sparkling wine cocktails

Not only are these cocktails the best for parties, most of them are really easy to make as well.  Take the Bellini – all you need is 100ml of prosecco or champagne and 50ml of peach puree – mix together and add four dashes of peach bitters to finish it perfectly.
Another famous champagne cocktail is the Mimosa.  This uses a champagne flute with 25ml clementine juice and 50ml orange juice then topped with chilled champagne.  Very easy to make and very tasty!


The daiquiri is a set of cocktails based on one of the classics of the cocktail work that was said to have been invented back during the Spanish-American War in the late 1890s by an American mining engineer working in Cuba.  He named it for a beach and iron mine near Santiago de Cuba where he was working.
The classic daiquiri is served without ice into a cocktail glass and uses 4.5cl white rum (such as Bacardi), 2.5cl lime juice and 1.5cl of simple sugar syrup (you can make your own or buy it bottled from the supermarket).
But the great thing is there are so many different drinks you can make from the basic daiquiri recipe.  Take the Raspberry Daiquiri – all you need is 50ml white rum, 25ml lime juice 2 teaspoons of caster sugar and 6 raspberries.  Add the berries and sugar to a mixing glass and muddle then add the spirits and ice.  Stir then strain into a couple glass – garnish with a raspberry!

Whiskey sour

The whiskey sour is another cocktail that’s been around a while – first featured in a newspaper in the US back in 1870.  It is a blend of 4.5cl bourbon whiskey, 3cl lemon juice 1.5cl Gomme syrup and a dash of egg whites (if you want, it’s optional).
That’s just the start though because the whiskey sour has led to loads of tasty variations.  The Amaretto Sour, for example, uses 50ml Amaretto, 25ml lemon juice, 12.5ml simple syrup and a dash of both egg whites and Angostura bitters.  This makes for a sweeter version than the original.  If you are a rye whiskey fan, the Ward 8 is a version using 2 ounces rye whiskey, ½ ounce lemon juice and the same of orange juice and finished with a teaspoon of Grenadine.

Other favourites

There are also some cocktails to try just because their names are so fun – the Woo Woo, for example, uses 37.5ml of peach schnapps (like Archers) with the same amount of vodka and 90ml of cranberry juice.  Or Sex on the Beach, great for those Ibiza hen parties that uses 25ml of vodka and peach schnapps, 40ml orange juice and 20ml cranberry juice.
Often the hardest part is choosing just one or two to try!!

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