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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!

Hen Party Ideas - Life Drawing Classes

Hen Party   /   Feb 22nd, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

Maybe you are planning your own hen party. Or maybe you are the chief bridesmaid tasked with the job. Whatever the case, you will be looking for ideas and inspiration about what to do during the event. Sure, there are the classics – drinking cocktails, a fancy meal even a show. But what about something that is fun but also really interesting? Here’s why life drawing might be a great idea for your hen party.

What is life drawing?

Life drawing is also called figure drawing and involves drawing a living person. Sometimes that can mean from a photograph or even from memory but most of the time it will involve a real model who sits for you. In a lot of cases, the person is either nude or nearly nude and there’s a good reason for this – clothes aren’t alive, and a living person has a different energy in the nude than when clothed. Another reason for the minimal clothing is that we often don’t get a chance to appreciate the human body in a non-sexual way. Okay, they might look sexy in the nude, but the point of the drawing is to appreciate and capture the body and that person. Finally, the other reason we do it is because it is one of the oldest styles of painting and we can attempt something that the most famous masters in history did. People like Leonardo da Vinci did life drawing in his own way – so why don’t we have a try?

What you will need

So if you decide that you want to try life drawing at your hen party, what equipment will you need for anyone trying it? For starters, you need pencils. There are three main types that artists use – graphite, carbon and charcoal. Normal lead pencils are a mix of graphite and clay and can also work well for beginners. If you are going to set up those big canvas stands like you see in art classes, drawing sticks can be perfect. Made from compressed charcoal, willow charcoal or solid graphite, these can be used on the sharp end or the side for sweeping big marks. The paper is the canvas you will create your masterpiece on and is quite important. Fine textured artistic paper is often preferred by professionals, but you can also use cartridge paper. And don’t forget to grab some pencil sharpeners and some erasers for those little mistakes too! Finally, the fixative is used once the piece is complete to stop the materials being spoiled – don’t be tempted by hairspray as this doesn’t really work.

Life drawing options

If you love the idea of trying a life drawing for your hen party but don’t know anyone who is willing to post, we can help. Our buff butlers are happy to post nude or partially nude to act as models for your artwork. And the service is about more than just posing – our butlers will pose for an hour for drawings and then for the final 30 minutes, pop on their standard outfits to serve drinks and pose for photos. They can then judge the drawing competition and choose the winner! We don’t currently source a venue for the event, but we can bring along all the materials for the party including paper, art materials and even a bottle of prosecco for the winner. Life drawing is great fun with loads of laughs and you may even get a surprise at how artistic you are.
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