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Unique Ideas for a Birthday Party (No Kids Allowed!)

Birthday Party   /   Apr 5th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

When you are a parent, it is great to spend a little time away from your kids. And celebrating a birthday is a top excuse to have more than one party – one with the family and one for the adults! And when you aren’t a parent, then a birthday is just an excuse to have fun. But sometimes you are looking for different ideas for a birthday party either for yourself or for someone else. Here are a few ideas to help you plan.

For the ladies – buff butlers

First up, we have to mention our own services. While we do a lot of hen parties we are also often called to host birthday parties around the UK. Our buff butlers can run the party for you, so you don’t have to play hostess including serving drinks and nibbles, holding party games or even pose nude for a life drawing class if you want to do something different. We can work at your home or other venues and have over 200 butlers across the country.

For the couples – masquerade ball

If you love to dress up in fancy gowns and your partners are up for it, then hosting a masquerade ball for your birthday bash is great fun. In a masquerade ball, everyone wears fancy ball gowns and suits and also masks – so you are never quite sure who you are talking to! Ball dances are also a common party of this type of party so somewhere with a dance floor and someone to run the music and dances is advisable.

For everyone – a beach party

Okay the weather around the UK can be a bit temperamental but we have some amazing beaches and there’s nothing more relaxed and fun than a beach party. It is also ideal if you do want to include the kids as there’s something for everyone. A nice fire, a barbeque, food and drink all make the perfect and relaxed birthday party. Just cross your fingers for the weather. For the men – golf party This might be for the ladies as well, depending on whether they are fans of the sport. A golf party is just a great excuse to either get in an extra round on the course or even use the clubhouse for the party. Maybe a few shots on the driving range then drinks and nibbles can make for the ideal party for golf fans.

For the connoisseur – wine and cheese party

If you are a group of wine fans then a wine and cheese party is a sophisticated and tasty way to celebrate a birthday, especially for a small group of friends. Some companies even offer services where they come to the house for wine tasting sessions but otherwise, simply head to the supermarket, stock up on a nice range of bottles and some favourite cheese and biscuits for a relaxing time. For the couple – a night in Paris Finally, if you want to do something romantic just the two of you, why not fly over the Paris for the night or go on the Eurostar? It is just a short journey and you can have a romantic meal in view of the Eiffel Tower or on a river cruise along the Seine.
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