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Wedding Planning Timeline – What to Do When

May 12th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

For most people when they decide they are getting married, there is usually at least 12 months before the big event. This gives you the time to get everything organised, in place and make the day perfect. Sure, you can do it in less time. But if you plan to have at least 12 months to get the wedding organised, here’s a basic timeline to help with your planning.

12+ months before

Some of the biggest decisions need to be made as soon as you get engaged (well, after the party anyway). The big thing is the date you want to get married – you need to set this because it is the first question you will get asked.

The next thing is to start looking at venues including checking with any church or registry office that the venue is free on the date. Once you have your date and where the wedding is being held, you can start looking at other elements.

You may also want to put into place dates for things like the hen party at this point. Our buff butlers, for example, are booked months ahead so if you want us to run your hen party for you, the earlier the better!

8-10 months before

This is definitely a great time to be looking for that wedding gown and trying on some dresses. It is also a great time to look at the various wedding professionals you will need such as photographers and videographers, florists and DJs. Make provisional bookings with rental companies such as wedding cars.

You may want to consider wedding insurance at this point and also set up your own wedding website to keep people up to date with what is going on.

6-8 months before

This is a bit of a lull time but can be used to plan the honeymoon and sort out some of those little details that you might not have done before. Book any musicians for the ceremony.

Now is a good time to send ‘save the date’ cards to people you intend to invite to the wedding just to remind them to keep the date free.

4-6 months before

This is when you want to order invitations, so you can get them sent and returned in plenty of time. Wedding rings can also be tackled at this point, although you may need to do this earlier if you are having bespoke designs.

Decide what you want for a wedding cake and who is making it then get it all booked.

2-3 months before

If you haven’t already, get those invites in the post and finalise a lot of bookings such as wedding cars, florists and such. If you are renting suits, make sure you have these provisionally reserved.

You might also want to start trying a few things like your make up and hair. Write your vows and start getting presents for the important people in the wedding party.

1 month before

Have a final fitting for the bride and bridesmaids as well as for the suits. Re-check all your bookings and make any last-minute adjustments. Create a wedding program for the guests if you want one. In the final two weeks, check for any guests who haven’t RSVP’d and finalise all of your bookings.

1 week before

Check everything is in place as you want it. Supply the venue with a seating plan and print place and table cards. Let the venue know when vendors will be arriving and what they are doing. In the days before the wedding, pick up the suits and check those last minute arrangements such as collection time for the wedding cars. Make sure you have emergency contact information for all vendors and finalise any last minute bills.

That’s it – you’ve reached the big day! You have done all the hard work, now sit back and enjoy yourselves – you’ve earned it!
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