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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!

7 of the Best Gift Ideas for a Hen Party

Hen Party   /   May 17th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

Attending a hen party is a lot of fun, especially when you don’t have to organise it! There are lots of traditions around them as well which can make for inspiration for a gift to give the bride to be on the night of the party. But if you are looking for some inspiration, both classic and contemporary, here are some ideas.

For the bride:

1. Lucky sixpence

This one is definitely a traditional idea but still a really nice one. Back in the Middle Ages, the lord of the manor gave his price a silver gift as a wedding present. This became a tradition of including a lucky sixpence in the bride’s dowry. Nowadays we don’t have a dowry, but we can still give a lucky sixpence to bring the couple good fortune.

2. A scrapbook

This one is ideal if someone (maybe even you) will be in charge of a camera for the hen party. You can do digital scrapbooks where you upload the photos to a website then have the book printed out. Or if you are into papercrafts, you can get scrapbook kits and make one yourself. This is a true keepsake and very personal for the bride.

3. Wedding advent calendar

If you are a big crafty or can group together some friends who are, you could make a wedding advent calendar for the bride. Just like the Christmas version, this has a little gift for each day between the hen party and the wedding (assuming they aren’t too far apart!) and the bride can open one each morning.

4. Help with the cost

Let’s face it getting married is expensive. So why not group together and help pay for a part of the hen party as a present? For example, if the bride would love our buff butlers to host the evening, then you and your friends could club together and sort that for her as a surprise.

For the guests:

Another tradition is to have some fun presents for your hen party guests when they arrive for the evening.

5. Jewellery

Depending on your budget and party size, a little piece of jewellery could be a lovely keepsake to say thanks for coming. Even something made from silver or gemstone costume jewellery could do perfectly and you could even personalise it.

6. Wine glasses

Personalised wine glasses with the date of the party or something else fun are both a great idea and something you can be sure your guests will use! Hand finished glittery glasses are also great as decorations around the home for someone who doesn’t drink.

7. Badges, crowns and other accessories

There is an entire industry devoted to fun and funky accessories to wear on your hen party. From badges to crowns, sashes to little purses there are loads of fun things you can get to give to all your guests. That way when you hit the town, everyone will know there is a hen party on the loose!
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