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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!

Have You Got What it Takes to Be a Buff Butler?

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So you have been working out and you have that great physique we all associate with a buff butler – nice work! But there’s a lot more to the job than just looking good. Here’s a look at what we search for in the perfect butler to help you see if you have got what it takes.

Being a buff butler

Let’s start with the basics – being a buff butler is about more than just flashing your bum (although you will often do that too). Our butlers are often the host of the event such as a hen party, a birthday party or other special occasion. That means looking great is just the first part. You need to be sociable, friendly and able to be comfortable in the role of the host. Most of the time, you will be working with a bum-revealing apron, collar, cuffs and a bowtie. Sometimes, for more formal events, we might work wearing trousers or stylish boxer shorts. The key is that whatever we wear, we have a big smile, a confident personality and the ability to make people feel relaxed and happy. That’s what the core part of the job is really about!

What you do during a party

The exact requirements for each event or party can be a little different. But some of the most popular tasks for our butlers include: • Meeting the guests as they arrive at the venue • Posing for photos with the guests • Serving food and drink • Making cocktails • Running party games Just like any host, you will chat with the guests, get them involved in what is going on and always make sure they have a drink in hand if they want one. Your job is to allow the bride-to-be or other VIPs at the event to enjoy themselves and not need to play hostess. We also offer life drawing services for our clients should you be interested in that too. Not all parties are about cocktails and party games – some are a little different. That’s why we offer services where our butlers can be live drawing subjects for parties. This involves posing either partially or nude for an hour for the drawing. Then the butler dons the normal gear and acts as a host for another 30 minutes, including judging the art competition.

Working with the best

Butler Bookings are one of the top buff butler companies in the UK and we are always looking to recruit the right guys whether your based in Glasgow, Brighton or anywhere in between! We offer full training for our butlers to ensure you are ready for the role and offer some of the best pay rates in the UK in compensation. If you have experience as a butler, buff or otherwise, that’s brilliant, but don’t worry we can make sure you are ready for the event. We work around the UK and also over in Ibiza offering our services for bookings there. So if you want to make the most of that new physique and earn yourself some great money in a fun way, simply fill out our recruitment form and we can chat!
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