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How to Set Up a Cocktail Making Hen Party

Hen Party   /   Jul 19th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

There are lots of ideas out there for a hen party but one that is very popular at the moment is having a cocktail making hen party. Here you learn to make cocktails from an expert and all have a try. Okay, after a few attempts, things get a little blurry because some of these drinks can be strong, but it is great fun. So how do you go about setting up a cocktail making hen party?

Get the equipment

There is a lot of fancy equipment to make cocktails and not all of it will be needed for a beginner’s guide to cocktail making. However, there are a few things you will definitely need if you are going make ‘proper’ cocktails such as: • Measure or jigger – a little cup with liquid measures on it to easily find the right amount of an ingredient to add • Cocktail shaker – a special cocktail shaker keeps all the ingredients inside, let’s you mix them up and then strains through a little sieve in the top when it is done (the sieve has a cap when you are shaking to keep the liquid inside) • Muddler – this is a tool for those mojitos and other drinks with crushed herbs in them although you can use a small wooden rolling pin for the job • Mixing spoon – a long-handled spoon to mix drinks that aren’t shaken If you want to make a present of these items when the party is over, then you could get one for each guest. Or you could get a smaller number, and everyone can try a few. You could even have someone judge the drinks making competition and the winners get to take the equipment home with them.

Find the ingredients

There are thousands of cocktail recipes out there and you can get lost trying to find the ingredients for them all. The best thing to do is to pick a specific number of cocktails to try making – say five – and get ingredients in for these. It can even work well to have a theme, so you make five gin cocktails or five vodka cocktails. This cuts down the number of ingredients. Look for cocktails that only take a few ingredients – some have only two-four ingredients in them and this makes it simple. You will also want to get some glasses as part of making the perfect cocktail is having the right glass. Again, you could look at cocktails all serve in one or two glass types so there’s less to prepare.

Get some help

If you aren’t well-versed in cocktail making and want to have some degree of success in the drinks you make, you might want to get some help. Our buff butlers are expert cocktail makers and can act as a party host for the event. We can oversee the cocktail making and even act as a judge if you want us to at the end of the learning session. And if you love cocktails but don’t know if you actually want to make them, we can even handle that for you as well!
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