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8 Tips for Planning an Autumn Wedding

Jul 26th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

Summer may be the most popular time for a wedding but there’s a growing number of couples who decide that autumn is more their choice. An autumn wedding can certainly be a stunning one against the backdrop of the changing season. It also has its own challenges to consider. Here are some top tips for an autumn wedding.

1. Make use of autumn colours

That autumn colour palette of browns, oranges, leafy greens and deep aubergine purples is one to embrace when you have an autumn wedding. All of these shades work perfectly as accent colours alongside the traditional bridal white, off-white or cream and if you can get photos outdoors then it will seem as if nature has dressed up to compliment you.

2. Go for seasonal food

As well as seasonal colours, you can also go for seasonal food for an autumn wedding. Look for fruits that are popular such as apples or blackberries and don’t be afraid to roll out the pumpkins in the soup or parsnips alongside the main course.

3. Have a woodland wedding

Just because it is autumn, doesn’t mean you can’t have an outdoor wedding and even better, why not have a woodland wedding? You don’t need an actual woodland area for it but can choose decorations that have plenty of wood to them such as wood arches to walk under and branches decorated with flowers for accents.

4. Use seasonal decorations on your tables

Those seasonal colours can also extend to the table decorations where you can use seasonal elements as well. Think of things like berries, pine cones and autumn leaves as great ways to decorate your tables.

5. Have berries in your bouquet

Berries can also be added to your bouquet as well as the menu and the table centre. Choose flowers you love then throw in some seasonal accents like berries or pine cones to bring everything together. Foliage and seeds can also add that autumn touch.

6. Use hessian where you can

Hessian was originally used for the sacks that the autumn harvest way placed in and that makes it a great material for autumn weddings. Sure, you aren’t going to wear it, but it can look great wrapped around flowers or as part of table or room decorations.

7. Plan for the evening

It is worth remembering that it gets darker quicker in autumn, so you want to have some plans to light things up as the natural light fails. Fairy lights, candles or decorative LED lights can all work to bring atmospheric and practical light to the evening reception.

8. Have a summer hen party

An autumn wedding means a summer hen party that opens up lots of options. Why not go out to Ibiza for a weekend and hire a buff butler to play host for the party? Or go to one of the seaside resorts around the UK and enjoy the British summer before going for a meal as the evening cools down? Conclusion Autumn weddings can be great fun with the amazing natural colours surrounding you and plenty of tasty seasonal food to enjoy. It gives relief from the heat of the summer but is still often a warm, sunny time of the year.
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