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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!

7 Ideas for the Company Christmas Party

Buff Butlers   /   Dec 4th, 2018   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

So you are the person who has been delegated with the job of organising the company Christmas party. You are probably feeling a sense of overwhelm, a mild headache and have a complete lack of ideas. That’s okay – let us help get you some inspiration with ideas for that Christmas do that will make it a memorable one.

1. Dinner party at a themed hotel

Themed hotels are becoming more popular and these offer a great idea for somewhere to have your Christmas party. You can find hotels around the UK that have a certain theme or vibe to them and who create party nights that fit in with it. From music themed hotels to old coaching houses, you can have a themed party to match your surroundings.

2. Dining in style

Maybe everyone just wants the chance to wear their very best outfits and have a luxurious evening. Then dining in style is the answer. Examples include Michelin star restaurants, upmarket boutique hotels or even five-star manor houses are the perfect type of place to have a really high-quality meal. Just check before you start arranging if you have any dietary requirements or allergies to help ensure everyone can eat.

3. Ladies only party

If your workplace is just women or you want to have a ladies only party, then a buff butler hosting it is the perfect solution. Our butlers can host parties in a variety of locations such as hotels or clubs and can take over the running of the party, so you can enjoy it too. We even have sexy Santa and elf outfits suitable for the occasion!

4. Visit an attraction

Christmas parties don’t always have to be on a night and involve food and drink. Visiting an attraction that appeals to everyone could be a novel idea and lots of places have special packages suitable for groups and special occasions. If you are all animal mad, for example, then a day spent working with zookeepers at one of the big zoos could really appeal.

5. Take in a show

Another option that isn’t all about food and drink is to go and see a show together or attend an event like Cirque du Soleil. You could even go to a music gig together if you all love a certain artist or band who is touring over Christmas. A party doesn’t have to involve sitting around a table!

6. Murder mystery parties

You can either organise these yourself or get some outside help. It can take place around the office or at a venue and involve a mystery that the team have to solve. People can break up into groups, chase clues and there could be prizes for the winners. This is also a great one if you want to widen the invitation list and involve the family as well.

7. Cocktail making classes

Drinking cocktails is great fun but so is making them. Another idea for a Christmas party is to have someone come in to teach you all how to make cocktails – and then drink them, of course! Plus there are always mocktails to fall back on for the designated drivers. Lots of fun, fruity flavours and not a drop of alcohol to be seen!
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