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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!
The 4 Things Your Hen Party Won’t Be Perfect Without

The 4 Things Your Hen Party Won’t Be Perfect Without

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It's the last night of freedom before the bride commits to a life of picking up rogue socks from the bedroom floor and wondering why five years after getting married their closest companion in the world takes 4 x AA batteries. Organising a perfect hen do is your duty as bridesmaid, you’re not doing this for the giggles, it’s a rite of passage into a world of mother in-laws and squabbling over the duvet all facilitated through the medium of an awesome hen party.

It’s time to prove yourself as a true friend, not just one of those Facebook friends we all have just to make up the numbers. It’s time for you to organise a blinding send off for the bride you love, and will have a much more impressive dress than you on her big day. What four things go into a perfect hen party?

1. Dares and Forefeits

Dares at a hen party have to really go beyond reasonable. They have to be the kind of dares that make people reevaluate their friendships and/or get your name put on some kind of register. Wearing a random bloke’s boxer shorts just won’t cut it, you at least need to be wearing them on your head whilst telling random strangers you’re a cola bottle.

2. Inflatable Boyfriends

There isn’t a single person on this earth that can drink a full Mojito through a willy straw without giggling and unceremoniously spraying said drink over approximately everybody at the party. Sharing is indeed caring, and willy straws are almost compulsory at a hen party.

When Jessica goes to work on the following Monday with a black eye sustained by taking a direct hit to the face from a fully erect blow up willy, you'll know it’s been a good one. She probably won’t tell her boss what really happened, until she’s outed on Facebook by being tagged in a video elegantly captioned “cock in the eye”.

3. Inexcusably Hot Men

No, not that guy from work who you think is fit just because he doesn't scratch his bum in public and occasionally offers you a Malteaser - really hot men whose abs look like a draining board and have a belly button only suitable for eating jelly out of.

Hiring one or a few butlers means having hot men on demand, serving you assorted cocktails that make you forget your surname, and the reason why you ended the night in police custody.

4. Regrettable Selfies

Hen nights before camera phones and Instagram could be safely packed away in the memories of those who were there. No such luxury exists in this day and age and it's fairly likely that when you review your selfies the morning after, you may have presented yourself in a not so favourable light.

When your boss (who you cleverly chose to tag after your fifth Jaegerbomb) sees the picture of you dancing on a table with a less than glamourous boob hanging out of your top, you may have some explaining to do.

At Butler Bookings, we can't tell your husband to pick his dirty socks up, nor can we be a character witness when you appear in court but what we can do is provide some of the most handsome, fun-to-be-with, best-bodied lads that will make a hen night one to remember.

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