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How to Have the Perfect Ibiza Hen Party

How to Have the Perfect Ibiza Hen Party

Hen Party   /   Jun 19th, 2019   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

There’s no doubt that while other places have risen in terms of popularity for a hen party, Ibiza still ranks up there as a favourite.  And there are plenty of reasons for that – the sun, the beaches, the nightlife all make it a popular option.  The fact that there are so many options for what to do during your Ibiza hen party also helps.  To help with your planning here are some of the best ideas for what to do on your hen party.

The classic night out

Ibiza is definitely perfect for the classic night out.  If you stay somewhere like San Antonio, there are loads of bars and pubs within a relatively short distance meaning you can do the classic ‘pub crawl’ without walking too far in those high heels!  There are also plenty of eating places dotted between the bars, so it is no problem to grab a snack as you go or something at the end of the night.

Go to a special bar

Sometimes people head to Ibiza because there’s a special bar or club they want to visit and that’s where they want to spend the hen night.  For example, there are big mega clubs around Ibiza Town while there are things like The Zoo Project outside San Antonio and clubs like Es Paradis and Eden in the town itself.

Hire a villa for your own party

Just because you go to Ibiza, doesn’t mean you need to have all of your time in the bars and clubs.  If you are hiring a villa for your stay, then you have the ideal location for your own party.  For example, you could hire one of our buff butlers who could serve drinks and even host fun party games while everyone relaxes around the villa.

Go for a nice meal

Ibiza has its share of places to go for a really nice meal as well as all of those takeaway spots for a slightly drunken late night snack.  If you don’t want to just be drinking on the hen party, then a meal in a really good quality restaurant makes for a perfect night.  Everyone can eat, chat and enjoy themselves!

Do some shopping

While Ibiza isn’t known as a shopping capital, there are some interesting places to go if you are looking for something fun to do during the day.  The Hippy Market is a great example – there are hundreds of stalls with artisan jewellery and leather products on it so you can go shopping for something a little different.  It could be your ‘something new’ for the wedding day!

Enjoy those beaches

It does seem a shame to come to Ibiza and not enjoy the stunning beaches that the island has to offer.  So why not have a daytime hen party spent relaxing on the beach?  Just pack plenty of suntan lotion as that sun can pack some punch, especially during the summer.  Then on a night, you are relaxed and ready for whatever you have chosen to do next!

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