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Our Pledge to Help the Amazon Rainforest

Our Pledge to Help the Amazon Rainforest

Business Updates   /   Aug 27th, 2019   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-
When any business achieves some success it's important to give something back to society, and we felt it was time to do exactly that.  in light of recent news stories concerning the destruction of the Amazon rainforest, it was natural for us to choose to help a charity supporting this cause.  Consevation International not only supports the Amazon rainforest but also some of the worlds most critical land and oceans and we are proud to announce that from today for every sale we make as a business we will be donating £1 to this charity.

"The forests of Amazonia — the vast Amazon River basin and the Guiana Shield in South America — are rapidly vanishing. Nearly 6,000 square kilometers (3,600 square miles) of forests were lost in 2015 in the Brazilian Amazon alone. If this continues, humanity faces the irrevocable loss of one of the great harbors of biodiversity, fresh water and climate resilience: Forests alone provide 30 percent of the solution to climate change.

The next five years are critically important for Amazonia. Increasing global demand for resources risks further deforestation that places the region, its people and the world at risk. With this in mind, Conservation International and its partners are pursuing an ambitious strategy to sustain nature in Amazonia so it can continue to sustain us all.​" Conservation International.

Just 25 dollars is enough to protect 1 acre of forest so every little donation makes a huge difference, please visit their website ( to make a donation.  Watch this space for updates on how we're getting on.

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