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Planning an Unforgettable Hen Do

Planning an Unforgettable Hen Do

Hen Party   /   Feb 3rd, 2020   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

We all know that a Hen Do is supposed to be a passage into marriage for a bride-to-be. Over the decades of celebrating brides on their last night of being single, there have been more than a few Hen Do disasters (many of which make the headlines or at least make their way onto social media), but there is a way to make a Hen party utterly unforgettable. 

A lot of factors can greatly affect the kind of Hen Do that a planner can put together for their friend. Something the planner should try to remember, though, is that the night is for the bride-to-be to celebrate with her closest friends. It can be a public spectacle, but it doesn’t need to be. A private affair can be classy, raunchy, black dress only, or full of colour and sparkles. It really does depend on the individual. Budget, of course, also affects the party. 

Let’s start simple. 

The Guest List

As we’ve mentioned already, stick to guests that the bride knows intimately. Don’t invite people that she doesn’t like being around or anyone who hasn’t seen her in five years. These parties are for close friends, who know each other well, to celebrate together. Not for some long-lost Facebook friend who occasionally likes old photos. 

Pick a Day

This is actually one of the hardest things to do. As the planner, you’ll need to try and work out when everyone is free for an evening – typically weeks in advance! The best thing to do here is find out what evenings or days (depending on the length of the event) that the guests aren’t at work, and then ask if there’s any upcoming events that they can’t cancel. 

Weekends are great for Hen parties, especially if your party can be planned for a Friday night or a Saturday. That gives full-time workers some time to recover over the weekend!

Talk Money

We all hate to talk about who’s handling the cash, but friends have fallen out quickly over money not being paid back. This happens to everyone, not just bridal party attendees. So, set a budget for event based on the activities, and then make sure that everyone puts their part of the money in one person’s account (the planner’s) at least a week before the party. It may be harsh, but no pay = no play. 

Think Fun

There are, obviously, tonnes of activities out there that are suitable for Hen Do parties. And even more hireable persons or features that can be added to a party venue. Depending on the venue of choice, the party could easily turn into something a little more private and naughty. 

But, if you’re staying local, try to stick to Hen party classics and not bring anything with you that you shouldn’t. Contact bars and restaurants in advance to make sure they’re cool with any party favours that might turn up in their establishment. When in doubt, stick to adult-only venues, pull out the novelty inflatables, and enjoy!

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