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Who to invite to your Hen Do

Who to invite to your Hen Do

Hen Party   /   Mar 4th, 2020   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

Knowing exactly who to invite to your Hen party can be one of the most headache-inducing things to think about. Do you invite family members? Colleagues? Just close friends? And even if you do manage to decide who makes sense to be at a celebration of your wedding, you’ll still worry about offending someone you didn’t invite. But here’s the kicker that should make all of that go away: It’s your night, and anyone being negative doesn’t deserve to be there. 

But fear not, there are plenty of ways to decide who should and shouldn’t get an invite to your party, and it all starts when you figure out how big of a party you want. Small parties are great for nights out on the town, while larger parties need a lot more planning. Take a look at our guide to Hen party invitees for some help on this matter. 


When it comes to family, it always feels like there’s some pressure to invite a few people. But some party themes are more appropriate than others if you do decide to invite your favourite childhood aunt. A good rule of thumb is to keep it to your siblings if you’re inviting any family at all, and only those that are old enough to have fun if you and your party will be hopping from bar to bar for the night. 

However, if your Hen party is taking place during the day, and more family-friendly, then it’s entirely plausible that you could invite all your younger family members for some obstacle course fun or a day out at a local castle. Use your best judgement. 

Work Friends

These are the people that you know more about than you probably should, considering that you never hang out with them outside of work shifts or functions. Your desk mate, the people in your office, the same individuals that you’ve gone in on the Secret Santa with for the past three or more years. 

Like inviting family members, work friends should only be at your Hen party if you spend a lot of time with them and you know them well outside of forced interactions. There’s no need to invite Karen from three desks down to you if all you do is talk to her about her family and chat when you’re making tea. If you didn’t invite them to your last birthday celebration, they probably shouldn’t be at your Hen party. 


Friends are easily split into various categories. Distant friends, childhood friends, close friends, friends you talk to but don’t really enjoy being around... There’s a lot of them. For a Hen party, you want to invite people that make you feel good about yourself, friends that you enjoy spending time with and share your tastes and/or interests. 

And obviously, don’t invite a friend to your Hen party who isn’t also invited to the wedding that follows, because that’s just awkward. Do invite a few butlers to your party, though! 

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