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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!
How A Buff Butler Can Make Your Hen Party Memorable

How A Buff Butler Can Make Your Hen Party Memorable

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The expression if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all could be likened to the traditional hen party. After all, when you’ve been to one, you really do feel like you’ve been to them all. It may be based on tradition but the only difference between the usual pub crawl completed by a gaggle of stiletto-clad boa-wearing girls is usually how drunk someone gets and who cries in the toilet at the end of the night. There’s nothing wrong with consuming vast quantities of alcohol and dancing around your handbags with the soon-to-be bride picked out by a sash and mini veil, but this traditional rite of passage is changing to become more memorable. And what could be more memorable than modern hens upping their game by choosing a Buff Butler or (two!) to host their “do”?

It may surprise modern girls that the “hen party” has only been associated with a lady’s last night of freedom since the 1960s and was actually an American expression that was used to describe a very different set of chicks; mainly wealthy housewives hosting a weekly meet up in their homes to play cards and drink tea (and champagne). The champagne may have stayed relevant, but the name evolved to describe the pre-marriage all-female get together where no “stags” were allowed but shhhhhhhh! We won’t tell if you don’t!


Here’s Exactly How Our Buff Butlers Can Give A Bride And Her Bffs A Party To Remember


  • They dare to bare

There’s no point in ignoring the obvious so let’s just get the visuals out of the way first! The appeal of a Buff Butler is not just his cheeky smile but in his toned physique and an apron, cuffs, collar and bow tie show that off to the maximum. Bare buttocks add just the right amount of naughtiness so you might want to ensure your entourage brings their glasses along with their giggles for maximum enjoyment!

  • They are the hosts with the most

Our boys may look as if they’re flying by the seat of their pants, but they are in fact, perfect gentlemen. The uniform is barely there but it always stays on! Punctual and on hand to take coats and meet and greet your guests – your hen do will be a talking point from the get go and make you and your guests feel like perfect ladies (even if you do have a naughty side!) And their services don’t stop there – they really are the hosts with the most; from serving food to making drinks (Cocktail anyone?) Buff Butlers are expert waiters and bartenders and they are more than happy to host party games (anything but Twister for obvious reasons!)

  • They get the party started

Buff Butlers know when to take step up, step back and when to mingle to truly let the hen focus on enjoying the party with her friends. From ensuring glasses never run dry, doors are opened for endless trips to the loo and food is served from a silver platter – Buff Butlers help to make a once in a lifetime occasion truly memorable whilst the bride –to-be remains centre stage! They are yours (within reason!) to command and can also help with the washing up; meaning the fun lasts right until the very last minute as does the cheeky smile! Just don’t be too hard on them!

  • Selfies and Belfies!

You’ve definitely heard of the selfie but have you heard of the belfie? This naughty expression refers to (ahem) taking a naughty picture of your naked buttocks (usually when drunk!) but now you can include a Buff Butler in your hen party snaps to make them truly memorable and a talking point for years to come – just remember to ask them to turn around!

  • From hotels to homes

Butler Bookings have over 300 buff guys on their books who can attend your hen party almost anywhere in the country. Every bride-to-be wants their pre wedding celebration at a venue that’s right for them whether it’s a hotel, club, bar, restaurant, hotel room, private venue or even a private home - the addition of a Buff Butler will really be the icing on the cake! And if you’re the one arranging the party – just think of the look on the bride’s face when she sees her gift for the evening!

  • Maids of honour

A soon-to-be bride often expects her BFF to arrange the pre-wedding shindig so for those taking a sneaky peak at this blog and thinking ‘should I book a Buff Butler?’ We’re here to say YES - just go for it! It’s your time to shine as a hen party organiser and although you may be the first in your group to buck tradition - just think of the big smiles (and brownie points!) you’ll receive in return. We’re confident the rest of the girls will thank you for it. After all, you can think of a Buff Butler as an investment! The party may only last a few hours, but the magic of reminiscing lasts a lifetime.

  • Creating memories

Hen parties should be good, clean fun, but to truly stand out in people’s memories they need to come with a twist. Here at Butler Bookings, our guys with their gorgeous looks and personalities are the perfect gimmick. After all, how often do semi-naked hunks wait on you and your friends?! Naked butlers add the missing ingredient to a hen party that will create many a laugh and memorable moments amongst guests of all ages. And for those who may find their attire a bit too cheeky – Buff Butlers can be dressed in black trunks or trousers. Outfit aside; however, pretty much no one is immune to the charms of a handsome man, and just as stag nights have long being associated with strip o grams – in the name of equality - why shouldn’t the hens enjoy some serious eye candy too?!

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