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The 4 First Impressions a Buff Butler Gives People

The 4 First Impressions a Buff Butler Gives People

Buff Butlers   /   Dec 31st, 2017   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

Anybody who’s ever read any advice book on anything ever has heard all about first impressions. Yes, you already know that you get 12,789 nano seconds to show somebody you’re awesome and that in a job interview, licking the interviewer in most cases won’t get you the job, even if you go on to reel off a rather swanky career history.

  So, what first impression are you looking to create when people arrive? If you’re hoping to debate environmental policy with a Tory MP, you’ll probably want somebody with a double-barelled surname and the ability to pronounce the word ’scone’ correctly to greet people. If you’re looking for somebody to open proceedings with an unhealthy amount of excitement, surprise and impressiveness, a buff butler is certainly the way to go. Perfect not only for hen parties, but also for any event where you want people to think the following upon arrival:

1. “This looks like fun"

Not the kind of ‘fun’ that’s compulsory on New Year’s Eve when you rejoice in the fact that the cousin whose cat you once ran over has begun talking to you again and you feel the need dance to ABBA songs that according to you are nothing short of “proper good”.

A butler greeting you at the door means somebody has put some thinking time into it and there’s probably a lot of effort been put into ways for you all to simultaneously have an awesome time whilst comically eroding that little bit of self-consciousness you arrived with.

2. “This almost crosses a line, but then doesn’t!"

It’s not every day you’re greeted by a buff butler. It adds a little edge to the first impression that you wouldn’t get if the person you first meet on the door were entirely clothed. Just walk into any shop with a security guard on the door and see for yourself. The only bit of edge you’ll see is the side of the smartphone they’re checking whilst pretending to work.

Edgy is a good first impression if you’re looking to create an atmosphere of camaraderie, light-heartedness and one where people know they can let their hair down a little bit. You must always beware that one person who lets their hair down too far and ends up finishing the night in A&E with a penis-shaped lolly lodged firmly in their least-favourite ear.

3. “I think I’ll begin drinking immediately"

If it’s a hen night, this is exactly what you want. Alcohol is the fuel you add to hen parties to make sure at least one moment gets referred to thereafter as ’the bad thing’. Top it off with a splash of biceps, a pinch of abdominals and absolutely no regard for boundaries and we can’t be responsible for what else happens….moving on swiftly.

4. “I don’t know why a man with an amazing bottom is handing me Champagne, but I’m not against it"

This is the first impression you'll want to convey if you want the guests to know they may be in for a few nice surprises. Assessments of bumcheeks aside, for everybody arriving, a buff butler can be welcoming both in their appearance but also in their mannerisms. What’s more, our butlers have been specially trained to be able to say the word ‘scone’ correctly, and will even pretend they have a double-barelled surname upon request.

If that’s not the best of both worlds, I don’t know what is.

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