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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!
12 Classy Hen party activities and games

12 Classy Hen party activities and games

Hen Party   /   Sep 8th, 2021   /  A+ | a-

It’s time to put the sass and class back into hen parties because let’s face it – it’s well overdue! Penis shaped straws and sandwiches (even if they were cucumber ones) weren’t everyone’s cup of tea and just plain wrong for your Granny or mother-in-law, but brides felt they had to follow the same tired format of pink plastic and dare we say it - vulgarity. Modern brides, however, are becoming much more chic in their approach and want to include all their hens in the celebrations.


Keep it classy


Classy hen parties are now the order of the day (or night!) but whatever the venue and theme you choose; a party isn’t a party without fun and games and no - we’re not talking about the ones that end in tears! All brides will remember childhood parties they went to as little girls and the highs and lows of these early forays into society. Now you are a grown up however – you get to make the rules. If you’re the maid of honour reading this - take note! You need to ensure that classy is stamped like seaside rock through every game and activity so the bride feels less like Lesley Gore singing “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” and more like Dirty Dancing “I’ve had the time of my life” perhaps without the dirty dancing of course!


And whilst we’re reminiscing about hunky men who are light on their feet – there is a classy way to have fun with a member of the opposite sex at your hen do – all you need is a Butler Booking buff butler or two. A gorgeous man who acts like the perfect gentlemen will certainly add an air of kudos to the proceedings - the fact he’s forgotten to wear his trousers is a minor inconvenience to him and major guilt-free eye candy for you (and Granny!) There’s no crime in looking whilst your butler helps the party go with a swing!


What hen party games should be included?


There are plenty of games that your Buff Butler could assist with, if you can take your eyes off him long enough to concentrate on events at hand, of course. Here are just a few ideas.


  1. Say Yes to The Dress!

Every bride knows this TV program but this is a dress choosing activity with a difference! Split your guests into small groups and with a 10 minute timer set – get them to fashion you a wedding dress from loo roll and accessories. You then have to model the creations and decide on a winner. Just don’t promise to wear it on the day!


  1. Dancing Queen

A version of musical statues for grownups! Guests can shake their booty to Beyonce’s put a ring on it and the bride (or your Buff Butler?!) can judge the best dancer. However; the rules are as follows:

The bride starts with a dance move for the next hen in line to copy who then adds her own and so on and so on until a routine is formed. Every time someone forgets a move or fluffs the routine – they are out of the competition!


  1. Dark confessions

Each hen writes a confession on a piece of paper and they are all placed into a bag. Drawn out, one by one; each confession is read to the group who has to guess who the secret belongs to. Each person who makes a guess gets a luxury chocolate if they are right but has to down a shot if they are wrong!


  1. Bridal Piñata

No. We don’t mean taking it in turn to hit the bride to be! What you will need is a wedding themed Piñata filled with paraphernalia like confetti, garters, jewelry and sweets. Each hen gets to hit the Piñata until some loot falls out and then it’s a mad scramble for the guests to pick up as much booty as possible! Good practice for catching the bouquet!


  1. Kisses for the Mrs

Take a picture frame and a piece of plain backing card. Get the hens to make lipstick kisses and sign their names underneath. When the bride is missing her flock – she can look back at all the Mwahs!


  1. Balloon pop!

Write questions (naughty and nice) for the bride to be and blow them into balloons. Every time one gets popped (by accident or on purpose!) read out the question. If she declines to answer – she has to down a shot!


  1. Sex on the beach?!

What could be classier than designing your own cocktails assisted by your very own Buff Butler. Simply gather a large variety of shots, mixers and garnishes and split your guests into small teams whilst giving them a name for inspiration. They then choose the ingredients and shake up their very own creations. As the bride to be – you get the chance to taste them all and declare the winner!


  1. Wine connoisseurs

Ask each hen to bring a bottle but cover up the labels. Your guests can have fun tasting each one and declaring whether it’s a Pinot or a Chardonnay or a different grape entirely!


  1. Play-doh man!

This is great fun for the inner child! Split your hens into small teams and assign them certain body parts. You then get to make the man of your dreams from the different bits. Just listen out for the giggles from the trouser department!


  1. Pass the parcel

A classy version for all grown up little girls! It is perfectly acceptable to put pink plastic gifts in the outer layers but save a super classy gift for one very lucky hen to win.


  1. Memory Lane

A nostalgic activity based on Secret Santa where each hen buys and wraps a gift that reminds the bride of their relationship. Not only will this guessing game invoke fond memories but provide keepsakes for years to come.


  1. Life drawing class

A naked model, a group of girls and art materials - need we say more?! Just make sure the ladies behave themselves!


With all these games and things to do for your hens, you’re sure to have a classy, fun-filled time on your hen, and with a butler to help you host, you and your guests can keep it classy, and still just a little bit cheeky too!

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