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10 things that could go wrong on a hen party (and how to fix them!)

10 things that could go wrong on a hen party (and how to fix them!)

Hen Party   /   Feb 23rd, 2022   /  A+ | a-

A hen party is a rite of passage for every bride to be, but we have all heard a horror story of how celebration turned into devastation and things went terribly wrong! Although it may be funny to look back on (after many years have passed!) most brides will want to have memories of fun and friendship with perhaps a bit of naughtiness thrown in! They do say that prevention is better than cure so here’s a handy “how to” guide for the bride and her BFF to ensure the party ends on a high note instead of leaving everyone down in the dumps.


  1. Cold feet

The mere suggestion of a bride getting cold feet is enough to send a sliver of ice down everyone’s spine, but it does happen. Alcohol, emotions and dare we say, hormones, can be an explosive mix and although this is pretty much the worst thing that could happen at the hen party – the hens will need to flock together for an impromptu counselling session to decide whether it’s just pre wedding jitters or a genuine cause for concern.


  1. To strip or not to strip?

It may be that the thing that goes wrong, is the stripper not turning up. Even if they do, it has to be said – strippers are quite passé and a surprise booking could really go down like a lead balloon. If one of the bride’s friends doesn’t realise that such a planned surprise would devastate the bride, the maid of honour might have to do a very quick dash to prevent embarrassment.  They might have to ensure the booked stripper is apologised to, paid, and turned away before any cougars get their claws into him! Generally, the modern bride wants something a bit classier that still screams cheeky and what could be a better package than your very own buff butler from Butler Bookings? A gorgeous man (or two) acts as a charming, and cheeky focal point for the evening; helping to get the party started but acting like a complete gentleman at ALL times.


  1. Cat fights

A gaggle of girls can occasionally turn what should be a fun occasion into “fisticuffs” especially if personalities clash. The pre-party solution is to ensure all guests are A-listers, know how to behave and can hold their drink! If an argument does break out then it should be quickly dealt with by the coolest, calmest hen in the room. Time out and black coffee as well as a stern talking too should smooth over any ruffled feathers.


  1. One tequila too many

You will always get that one hen that drinks to the point of illness and risks spending most of the evening with their head in the toilet. Not a good look. And if it’s the bride who is tempted to get wasted then someone should know when to put their foot down – especially if the mother in law is there! Merrily tipsy is the aim for a hen party - not a drunken mess that’s going to dance on tables.

It’s also important to keep the noise down, especially if you are in a public venue or in an otherwise quiet neighbourhood!


  1. Accidents happen

Talking of dancing on tables - one of the worst things that could happen to a bride, maid of honour or bridesmaid is turning up to the wedding in a plaster cast alongside a groom who has no eyebrows! Choice of footwear is important - yes – you may want to wear those sky scraper heels but why not take a pair of flats too? If an accident does happen then you need to get medical advice/attention – if you have your own Butler Booking, then he could help keep everyone’s spirits up while you help the damsel in distress!



  1. The outlaws

The soon to be in-laws could turn into outlaws if things go down at the hen party they disapprove of. A badly behaved bride having a “last hurrah” may display a side of herself that shocks the groom’s family leading to strained relationships all round. It may be a good idea to have a separate celebration with the mother in law and co – a kind of “hen-don’t”. The bride’s blushes should be kept for the big day but if she does disgrace herself then she’ll have a lot of sucking up to do with the support of her BFF! Every bride needs a side kick who is also a “minder” who can let her know when enough is enough!


  1. Over-sharing

In the days of social media, it’s only natural to take lots of selfies at a hen do but things can swiftly go wrong if a hen shares group photos without permission. What seems like a funny moment could be mortifying for other guests and really ruin their night. If in doubt – DELETE!


  1. Discretion is key

It’s important to not spill the beans about the bride’s innermost thoughts and definitely not her romantic past! Personal gossip is a no-no and if the mother in law’s jaw hits the floor then someone needs to reassure them it’s just the alcohol talking!


  1. Nobody puts baby in a corner!

Any kind of “do” needs to be well executed otherwise excitement will quickly turn into a damp squib. It’s important to have a timetable of activities and not leave guests twiddling their thumbs otherwise they may wander off in search of more excitement. Although, with a Butler Booking to brighten the occasion, we’re sure everyone will be staying until the end.


  1. Old fashioned isn’t boring

Years ago, the bride and groom to be would hold a joint “stag and doe” party. This joint celebration was a traditional “knees up” for all involved which meant everyone was pretty much on their best behaviour. Nowadays the pressure seems to be on for the does to outdo the stags, which can result in boundaries being crossed and people getting emotionally (and even physically) hurt. If someone feels ill or is upset – sometimes the best thing to do is to call a taxi. There’s no shame in calling it a day (or night). A hen do doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be remembered for the right reasons.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you stave off or handle some of the things that can go wrong on a hen. If you’re planning your BFFs or even your own do, one thing that we’re sure everyone will love is one of our Butler Bookings. That way, you know whatever goes wrong, you’ll have got the entertainment just right!

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