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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!
How to plan a hen party to suit all age groups

How to plan a hen party to suit all age groups

Hen Party   /   Mar 15th, 2022   /  A+ | a-

Planning a hen party is serious business and can feel almost as stressful as organising the big day itself especially when lots of women are involved. Marking the step from changing your status from Miss to Mrs is a rite of passage that all your girl friends and female relatives want to be in on, and who can blame them? But just as too many cooks can spoil the broth, the difficulties begin when your celebration needs to include all age groups from teenager to octogenarian. Before you know it; the bride to be is the one feeling left out!

There’s no getting around the fact that a wide range of ages will reduce the activities your guests can all take part in. There could also be a few personality clashes to navigate too. Everyone sees life differently.  Some people are fun loving no matter their age and others are more reserved or dare we say it – a little uptight! You can’t please everyone but with this handy guide, you can plan a fun hen party to suit all age groups and keep your sanity and fun factor intact!


Get an idea of the group vibe

The hen party should be all about celebrating the bride but for an age inclusive celebration – it’s best to be realistic and ask the guests for feedback on a variety of options to avoid any moaning or disapproving glances on the day. If they fall into two camps – then the best solution can be to have two celebrations. However, with a bit of imagination, a hen party can be a fabulous affair involving tots to teens to retirees.


Choose a decade spanning theme

Unless you’ve got a granny who can bust some serious moves, hitting the clubs is probably not the best idea for a hen do but let’s face it – it doesn’t feel right unless some alcohol is involved. So why not hold a cocktail making class or have afternoon tea with a few bottles of bubbly?! All girls like to play dress up no matter their age, but these options ensure celebrations stay classy - and no one ends up in the hospital!


Colour me beautiful

And talking of dress up – why not incorporate a mobile mani and pedi service so that fingers and toes match your outfits?! Kicking back and having your nails done (with drink in hand served by a Butler Booking) is the ultimate girly bonding experience. You could even encourage the older generation to rock some daring shades of red.


Get crafty

Crafting is the new buzzword, and we often miss the simple pleasures we took for granted as children. Imagine sitting in a circle making flower crowns or garlands – after all - everyone knows how to make a daisy chain. Or, why not channel your inner artists and hold a fun and light hearted “paint and prosecco session?” It also means that guests have something to remind them of the day. There are lots of things you can add on to truly make it an occasion to remember – think vintage style picnic hampers filled to bursting with yummy food – why not suggest everyone bring a cake?


Bake off

Talking of cakes – you could decide that holding a “bake off” is a fab way to span the generations but be warned - people get very competitive when prizes are involved!


Book a Buff Butler

No matter how old you are; everyone appreciates a good-looking man and especially one that combines old fashioned manners with a dash of cheekiness. This is something you will certainly get that with your own semi-attired butler or two. Imagine the guest’s faces as they are waited on hand and foot by the ultimate eye candy - especially when they turn around! A butler can slot seamlessly into any occasion and provide a real focal point, and it will certainly be a conversation starter!


Fun and games

This is a lovely throwback to everyone’s childhood – think rounders, egg and spoon – even the wheelbarrow race?! For those who can’t have a go – they can sit out and have a giggle watching everyone else. For the uber adventurous, you could also book an outdoor activity such as axe throwing (yes really!) or walking with Alpacas (much more calming). Just ensure you do a health and safety assessment first. Or, why not have a few old- fashioned party games? Pass the parcel is a great idea, as is musical chairs.


Home sweet home

A home themed hen party can sometimes be the best solution especially if you want to involve those with health problems. You can fully relax and still book various mobile services, along with your Butler Booking to keep guests entertained throughout the day. In this way, you can fully relax with guests able to leave when they’ve had their fill of fun.



It’s time we stopped thinking that the grill only belongs to men! There is no reason why women can’t flip burgers and make a mean rum punch or Pimm’s. And if you really don’t want to do any manual labour – you can hire one of our butlers to hand out drinks and food whilst your guests admire the view!


Team bride

A good way of bonding through the ages is to get everyone to wear a garter or badge or another fun decoration. You could even have a dress theme such as pyjamas or flapper girls. The idea is to get guests talking. The younger generation often forget that grandmothers were brides too and can actually have a lot of wisdom to impart. Sharing stories and life lessons can be fascinating – just remember to keep it light hearted!

So there you have it – lots of mix and match ideas to create a bespoke hen party. Don’t aim for perfection when gelling the different ages and personalities on the guest list because at the end of the day – no matter what their age - girls just wanna have fun!

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