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10 Exciting Ways to Make a Hen Party Extra Special

10 Exciting Ways to Make a Hen Party Extra Special

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Finally, the day has come – your bestie is getting married. Her hen party is just around the corner and you surely want it to go with a bang. But what can you do to please the lady of the moment and the whole bride tribe? Here are 10 ways to make a hen party extra special and a thing to remember for years to come. From picking a fun party theme to hiring buff butlers, there are so many exciting ideas to try.


Pick a Theme


Going to a nightclub for a hen party is fun but, let’s face it, far from being original. What if you could take this fun to a new level while adding that little something that makes the party more unique? Well, that’s more than possible, you just need to pick a nice theme. From the fantasy Game of Thrones to the futuristic Throne, only the sky is the limit to your ideas. Alternatively, you can also go with something as simplistic as a coloured theme – an all-white party, all-red party, glitter party, etc. Needless to say, whatever you come up with, must suit the taste of the most important girl of the night.


Book a Party Bus


Uber does not befit the VIP of the party. A stretch limo would be so much more appropriate to feel special. Or you can go as far as to book a party bus! It can easily fit the whole bride team. But above all, it is a vehicle and a venue, two-in-one. It can go wherever you want. You may decorate as you wish. And, what’s even more important, there won’t be any strangers. It is reserved exclusively for your little bustling company. Yes, you will have to splurge on it, but it’s totally worth it.


Don’t Skimp on Decorations


Nice little details can really bring the party to life. Especially, if they’re designed to cater to the bride’s individuality. Don’t be afraid to go over the top with decorations –for this occasion, more is more. Foil curtains, buntings, balloon aches, personalised signs, photoshoot backdrops, garlands… the options to spruce up the party space are truly endless. If you’re throwing a party on a budget, the least you can do is get a bunch of balloons and personalise them with a marker. While accessorising your hen party, keep the theme in mind to achieve the sought-after qualities of cohesion and refinement.


Bring Personalised Sweets


Does the guest of honour have a sweet tooth? Excellent, because you can satisfy her craving for sweet (and simultaneously tick that personal touch box) with luscious treats. Don’t worry if your pack doesn’t have a decent baker. Today, virtually every bakery offers custom-made desserts, whether they are biscuits, cupcakes, bento cakes, gingerbread… the list can go on and on. Make sure to coordinate the look of these sweets with the theme of your party. A striking design will make them so much more Instagrammable!


Get Custom Drinks


A thrilling hen party can’t do without some yummy drinks. Why not use them as an opportunity to add a touch of individuality to the party? Personalised bottle labels will surely put a smile on the Mrs-to-be’s face and make drinks a tad sweeter. Such labels can feature a bride’s name, the date of the party, her photograph, and images that match her personality. While being pretty impressive, this idea is easy to execute. You can create a label in literally any photo editing app. If you lack designer skills, dozens of services on Etsy or elsewhere are at your disposal.


Play Games


A hen party isn’t only about drinking, it is also about having a whale of a time. Party games can help with that. They are excellent ice-breakers as well as fun fillers between events. Some of the most awesome choices include ‘Drink if” game, dare cards, scavenger hunt, how well do you know future Mrs, board games, and so much more. Or come up with your own unique games and props, they will be highly appreciated.


Make Use of Photo Ops


A hen party is one big photo op, and it’s in your power to make it Instagram-worthy. Think of the ways your décor and accessories can complement your pics. A simple backdrop or foil curtains are budget-friendly yet packing-a-powerful-punch solutions to enhance photographs. Also, don’t forget to go bold with props - flower crowns, wings, or matching T-shirts with a hen party-appropriate prints are the way to go! Party games can become an inspiration for hilarious snaps, too. For instance, when doing a scavenger hunt, take a group picture every time you complete a task (hug a cop, find a dog in clothes, etc.)


Hire a Buff Butler


What can be better than a well-mannered gentleman that treats you like a queen? Only a well-mannered gentleman with some really nice muscles. You can get one (or two, or more!) with a buff butler service. The name speaks for itself – these real-life embodiments of the statue of David are equal parts hunky and complaisant. But they are more than eye candy. You can use them to serve food and drinks, concoct cocktails, host games, help you with taking pictures… On top of that, they are great conversationalists, so your party will never feel boring between events or activities.


Create a Personalised Playlist


There is no party without music. Instead of relying on a DJ’s taste, take matters into your own hands. Find out which music is to the bride’s liking and create a playlist featuring her favourites. If that’s not enough, there are plenty of Spotify bachelorette party playlists, you can draw some inspiration from them.


Give Gifts


Saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who shares this hen party with you is heart-warming touch. But besides expressing your gratitude, lovely gifts can become accessories for your fun-filled night. Here are some go-to options: customised mugs, t-shirts, pyjamas, tumblers, stockings, headpieces, sleep masks, jewellery, and so on. Alternatively, you can prepare parting gifts, and the top choice here is hangover survival kits including essentials for a cheerful next day (headache pills, antacids, mint gum, vitamins, makeup wipes, a bottle of fancy water, etc).


This is how you can make a hen party special for the bride and the whole bridal squad. The best strategy for planning this event is to stick to what a bride likes and add a personalised touch to it.  Keep it fun, simple, and thoughtful, and this will be one hell of a night to remember!

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