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Behind the Scenes at Butler Bookings: Hen Party Inspiration and More!
Buff Butler Spotlight - Thomas from Bournemouth

Buff Butler Spotlight - Thomas from Bournemouth

Buff Butlers   /   Feb 14th, 2023   /   0 COMMENTS   /  A+ | a-

My name is Thomas, I’m 29 years old and I’m a Buff Butler in Bournemouth for Butler Bookings.


I’ve always been a friendly, entertaining and outgoing individual striving for the best in not only myself, but others around me.  I have worked with Butler Bookings now for 5 years and haven’t looked back since I started and I’d definitely say I’m a veteran when it comes to being a naked butler now.  Having worked with all sorts of groups from Hen parties, Stag do’s, birthdays, ladies night and corporate events nothing will change my approach when it comes to the type of event.


Whilst remaining professional, well-groomed, well-equipped and taking into consideration any requests pre-booking I’ll always aim to provide quality entertainment through my hilarious sense of humour or my greatly thought through games brought with me.

So you’re probably reading the above thinking he can’t do this full time surely? Well you’re right, I have worked in financial services for the last 10 years and nothing excites me more than swapping the suit for the bowtie and apron.


One of the funniest and greatest moments in my butler career has got to be last year when I was asked to travel 2-3 hours from Bournemouth up to Bristol. It had been a long day and I had been working back to back eating on the go and driving to places I hadn’t yet explored. My final job of that sunny Saturday in the country side took me to the most remote getaway on top of this landscape overlooking the green pastures of Somerset.


Towards the end of my time with this hen party who had booked for me 2 hours I began to play my final game where I split the group into two groups to compete against one another in a game I call “Hot cucumber” a similar concept to hot potato, however the group have to pass the cucumber between their legs in a straight line from the front to the back twisting and turning.  When the person at the back of the line receives the cucumber they then need to make their way to the front and pass it back again. The players then rinse and repeat this until the person who started with the cucumber is back at the Front, first team to finish wins!


So we were playing this hot cucumber game and I always do a best out of three, we were on our second game and the Hen’s were going WILD! It was extremely competitive yet filled with so much fun and laughter. The Bride’s team had been the runner’s up in the second round and as I went to grab the cucumbers to play the final round as I retrieved the Bride’s teams cucumber I noticed a bite mark in one of the cucumbers (Now I referee these competitive games and whilst we were playing hot cucumber I never saw anyone take a bite).


So I take this cucumber and I bring the Hen’s to a halt grabbing their attention and I present this cucumber and i ask “Can anyone explain this please”. One of the bride’s team members then steps out of line and replies; “My £?%&! Must of been hungry” and I swear to this day I have never laughed so hard at something in my entire life, the whole hen party was on the floor laughing, rolling around, crying with tears of laughter and still to this day it is without question my favourite memory on a Butler Job.

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